Kim Kardashian’s Stranger Things Cameo Has Turned Twitter Upside Down

Kardashian-loving Stranger Things fans, where you at?!

Here’s a truly strange thing: Millie Bobby Brown teased a special appearance by Kim Kardashian West in the upcoming season  of your favorite 80’s nostalgia sci-fi show, Stranger Things. And though the self-proclaimed Kardashian was just messing around when she suggested what would truly be the most unlikely crossover of the century, her joke has turned Twitter upside down.

Listen—we love everything about Millie Bobby Brown, but this Kardashian obsession is getting a little out of control. There’s a good reason why the controversial family has their own reality TV show and, girl, they better stay in their lane.

From fans plotting a full-on boycott against the hit show, to people threatening to cancel their Netflix subscriptions, here are the not-at-all-cheerful reactions to Kim Kardashian’s cameo in the upcoming season of Stranger Things.


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