Pete Wentz Names His Daughter “Marvel” And Twitter Crowns Him The Biggest MCU Stan

There’s Marvel fandom, and then there’s Marvel stans. And in the case of Pete Wentz, it’s definitely the latter, as the musician unofficially become the biggest MCU fanatic after naming his newborn daughter “Marvel Jane Wentz.”

Yes. He did that.

The Fall Out Boy bassist and lyricist took to Instagram on Sunday to announce the birth of his daughter with longtime girlfriend Meagan Camper, saying the baby girl is “ready to take over the world.”

And well—we’ll have to agree on that, given the kid has been on planet Earth for less than 72 hours and already is a superhero, for crying out loud!

Sure, we didn’t expect Wentz to name her Sarah, Becky, or Karen given his history of naming his offspring some, shall we say, unorthodox names. But Bronx Mowgli and Saint Lazslo, the monikers of his two oldest sons, fall short against the comic-inspired name.

Needless to say, baby Marvel quickly went viral on Twitter, with fans of the franchise and the couple pouring reactions ranging from shock, to support, to criticism, but all extremely creative and straight up hilarious.  Find some of the best in our photo gallery above.


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