Being A Teacher Ain’t Easy: 15 Tweets Every Educator Will Find Surprisingly Relatable

Reasonable working hours, unbeatable job security and a solid paycheck, not to mention all the weeks off here and there as well as long breaks during the school holidays. Most people think that teachers have easy lives. But being a teacher ain’t easy.

Sure—the challenges of teaching are outnumbered only by the rewards that come from helping children realize their dreams. But when you’re buried underneath a pile of papers you still need to grade, or when it’s early May and your students are having late June attitudes, its easy to forget why you became an educator on the first place.

A long shift at the hospital or a stressful day investing stock in Wall Street is NOTHING compared to a (smelly) room full of adolescent school kids. That’s why Teacher Appreciation Week doesn’t seem like enough to honor and recognize teachers for their critical role in educating and shaping our bratty, spoiled, obnoxious children.

Click through our photo gallery above to see 15 tweets about the many struggles of being a teacher!


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