10 Of Mindy Kaling’s Best Tweets In Honor Of Her 39th Birthday!

Between nailing her new role as a mom, playing an oft-quoting celestial being, and taking apart a $150 million dollar necklace in a toilet stall at the Met Gala, Mindy Kaling has had quite a busy year! But that hasn’t stop her from being the funny lady we all know and love.

Sure, Chrissy Teigen is the reigning queen of Twitter, but Mindy’s hilarious jokes, insights and pure random thoughts have put her in close second. Like the ever-entertaining Twitter exchanges with her BFF B.J. Novak, or that time she had the best response to those who turned her into a meme.

Her years at Dunder-Mifflin taught her a lot about being humorous because, you guys, she’s like really funny now, you don’t even know! Celebrating her 39th birthday, here’s a collection of some of Mindy Kaling’s funniest tweets.


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