15 Tweets About The Reality Of Health Insurance That Will Make You Laugh And Cry All Together

It’s National Insurance Awareness Day. Now who do you think invented this?

In a world full with careless drivers, growing epidemics, and a stressful pace of life, we don’t need a special day to be reminded of the fact that most of us don’t have insurance—or at least a decent one. We’re worried about our unprotected physical and mental well-being 24/7.

Nonetheless, this is the perfect day to take time to talk to an insurance agent about a policy on your life, health, car, or home that could save you and your family at the worst times—, even when you damn well know you simply can’t afford it.

And since it seems nearly impossible to get insurance nowadays, instead of crying about it, we can laugh it off, amirite? In honor of National Insurance Awareness Day, here are 15 tweets about the realities of health insurance that will make you laugh and cry simultaneously.


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