15 Tweets That Perfectly Capture Our LoOoOve For Cheese

Why do we love cheese so much, you ask? Though it honestly comes down to personal taste, there’s only one good answer to this crucial question: Most people love cheese because cheese is amazing.

Cheese is versatile. Whether it is for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, cheese always works. Cheese is forgiving. It’s one of the few foods that tastes batter if you accidentally over cook it. Cheese is perfect. Don’t forget it has the superpower of making anything taste delicious.

Sure—some people don’t like cheese. But shoe people are wrong. And for those who say they don’t love cheese, we have one question for you: Have you had the chance to try each and every type of cheese? It’s worth a shot; with over 650 varieties, there’s bound to be one you’ll like.

There’s something about this delightful ooey gooey glory that we simply can’t resist! And, honestly, why would we even try to? Celebrating National Cheese Day, here are 15 tweets that perfectly capture our lOoOve for the cornerstone of every delicious food: cheese.


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