15 Tweets That Perfectly Capture The True Meaning Of Friendship

When we hear the word “friends”, the first thing that comes to mind is affection, laughter, ant lots of smiles. But everyone knows no best friends are complete  without cracking jokes on each other, good-natured ego jabs, and overall, love—tough love.

It’s a known truth that friends who are mean to each other have the strongest bond. It just doesn’t feel right if we don’t throw a few good roasts at each other a few times a day. If we can’t insult each other, why would we even be friends in the first place?

Bottom line is, good friends will make you feel good about yourself and be supportive no matter if your ideas suck. But best friends—the real ride or dies—let you have the truth as is, no sugar coating, even if that means having to tell you can’t pull that look off, or that you need to stop being such a Debbie Downer, always having your best interest in mind.

Celebrating National Best Friends Day, here are 15 tweets that perfectly capture what it truly means to have a and to be a best friend. Thank you universe for BFF’s!


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