Don’t Be Fooled—This Isn’t The Real Ed Sheeran, It’s Just His Freakishly Spot-On Wax Figure

We’re in love with the shape of this wax figure—and a little creeped out by it too.

The iconic Madame Tussauds museum revealed an Ed Sheeran wax figure on Tuesday. The waxwork, which is standing at a cat cafe in London temporarily before being relocated to its new home in Madame Tussauds London, is bizarre installation of Ed Sheeran surrounded by many felines.

But even more so than the quirky display, what shocked fans of the singer was the creepy resemblance that the wax figure shares with Sheeran. And given the museum’s recent unsuccessful attempts  to immortalize some of our favorite celebs, this truly is something to be amazed for.

We’re just thinking out loud, but Madame Tussauds’ latest wax figure is by far one of her most real-looking ones. Maybe even a little too real. And Twitter agrees. See what people are saying of Ed’s freakishly spot-on mannequin.


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