Happy Birthday Courteney Cox! 15 Most Memorable Monica Geller Moments

Sure, Phoebe was the wacky one, Ross was the smart one, Chandler was the quick-witted one, Rachel was the self-involved one and Joey was the dumb one— but if Monica isn’t your favorite, sir, you should be ashamed of yourself.

She was wacky, smart, witty, selfish, and dumb, all in one! That of top of being bossy, a people’s pleaser, and too OCD. The most rounded Friend, if you ask us. Which only goes to make her the absolute most relatable character in the history of TV. No wonder why we’re constantly making references to her in our daily life!

Monica Geller deserves more appreciation, and we’re all for it. And what better day to do so than on the birthday of the woman who brought her to life? Celebrating Courtney Cox’s 54th birthday, here’s a countdown of the 15 best moments of the mother hen of the sextet.


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