IHOP Is Now IHOB And Twitter Is Having Some Bretty Boor, Err, Pretty Poor Reactions

International House of Breakfast. International House of Brunch. International House of Branding Disaster. International House of Big Mistakes. International House of Bullcrap. All of the above would’ve been better than this.

On Monday morning IHOP announced they have changed their name to IHOB—as in International House of Burgers. And since the restaurant chain is officially turning 60 this year, we can only assume this is some sort of middle age/existential crisis.

After teasing the move for maximum PR, everyone’s default theory was that the “B” stood for “Breakfast”. Sure—it would’ve taken some time to get used to, but at least that would’ve make sense since, you know, their beloved breakfast pastry is IHOP’s go-to item on their menu.

But the iconic pancake restaurant has decided to go head to head against every burger joint in America—and we all know how things go when you mess with that sassy petty red head. Not to mention their new name makes it sound like I have a cold.

Click through our photo gallery above to see some of the funniest reactions to the IHOP/IHOB fiasco. Let us just say Twitter is reacting bretty boorly—err, pretty poorly.


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