Kanye’s 20 Most Kanye Tweets Since He Came Back To Social Media

The best word to describe Kanye is Kanye. Too creative, too ahead of his time, too controversial, too free thinker, and occasionally, too full of himself. And sometimes, ironically, Kanye is too Kanye for his own good. Like that time he called slavery “a choice.” Or when he spent $8K in a photo for Pusha-T’s album but made his own cover with an iPhone-taken snap and green doodles.

But other times, the “West effect” can be just freaking hilarious. Specially when he goes full Kanye on Twitter—or shall we call it his philosophy book? Whatever it is, his enlightening insights, which hater will call random thoughts, are just the right amount of craziness we need.

Lord bless the day Yeezy came back to Twitter!

Celebrating 41 years of Kanye being unapologetically Kanye, here are 20 of his most true to character tweets since he decided to break his social media hiatus and bless our feeds with his unique wisdom.


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