Melania Has Been M.I.A. For A Month And Twitter Has Some Theories Of What She’s Been Up To

It’s been exactly 24 days since the first Melania Trump was seen in public, and people are concerned—or at least curious.

Her suspicious absence from the public eye has led to many theories about her well-being, especially after she responded to questions about her whereabout on Wednesday via Twitter—which only increased speculation given that the tweet sounds very much like her husband.

Theories on social media claim she’s moved out of the White House, some say she’s hiding herself from the cameras after a bad-haircut, and others even guess she’s hiding in a Narnia-like parallel dimension. As for us, we think maybe she’s just recovering after undergoing a kidney surgery, you know, like a normal person.

As we continue to await for the First Lady’s return to the public scene, here are some of the funniest, craziest Twitter speculations on why Melania Trump has been suspiciously missing in action for nearly a month.


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