Robbie Williams Flipped Off The Entire World And Twitter Can’t Handle It

The world cup is off to an amazing start.

We waited for four years for this and its finally here. The World Cup Russia 2018 has started and its opening ceremony didn’t fail to amaze us—although not necessarily for the right reasons.

Of all the human right abuses you can level at Russia, having Robbie Williams perform at the opening ceremony is probably the worst. And that’s saying something in a country where freedom of speech is continuously beaten and being gay is punished with jail.

Everything of the above feels like’s coming straight from the 90’s.

But more than being surprised someone is still willing to throw Robbie Williams a gig, the world was shocked to see that the singer flip the bird to millions of people watching on live TV. Seems like someone isn’t a fan of Twitter ‘s jokes at his outdated fame.

Click through our photo gallery above to see what people are saying about Robbie Williams’ questionable performance at the World Cup Russia 2018.


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