If You Wear Glasses, You’ll Find These 15 Tweets Extremely Relatable

Glasses are a blessing in disguised. They make you see the world in a different perspective—quite literally—, but they also make you look like a freaking nerd, give you a game-of-got-your-nose-gone-wrong-like scar, and keep you from enjoying hot cocoa or a steamy soup.

Forget about being called four eyes! There are things far worse about wearing glasses than being called silly names. Although, we’ll be the first to say, that one still hurts a bit.

While people across the country celebrate National Eyewear Day, let us remind you of some of the things that come with having broke eyes and having to wear glasses every damn day of your life that have nothing to do with style and personality. Sure—Elton John wouldn’t be the Rocket Man without his iconic shades, but I also wouldn’t be this unhappy.

Click through our photo gallery above to see 15 tweets that you’ll find scarily relatable if you too are part of the unfortunate glasses-wearer family.


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