10 Hilarious Tweets About The Summer To Get You Through Your Boring Vacations

Ah, the summer! The beautiful sunny days, leisure and good times with the people you love, being disgustingly sweaty, feeling dehydrated 24/7, having a heatstroke.

Ok. I’ll say it. I freaking hate the summer. And I wish people would stop looking at me like I’m insane when I say it. It was sort of cool when I was a student getting off school for the next three months. But in adult world, this season only means having to get out of the house to the hell raisin heat of summer to go to work and scroll through pictures of your wealthy friends who can afford to go on vacations.

And don’t even get me started with the skimpy clothes and the strappy sandals combo!

You can go ahead and try to talk me into loving summer but, dude, it ain’t gonna happen. The best I can do is laugh about it. So it’s either that or hearing me bash the sweaty miserable endurance test that summer is.

Now that we’re officially entering July, the best month of summer, here are 10 hilarious tweets about this season to keep you entertained while everyone else you know spends their vacations at a beautiful island in Greece. Enjoy!


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