10 Tweets That Perfectly Capture The Pain Of Working On The Weekends

Oh, the weekends—time to unwind and find peace, reconnect with family and friends, and revive our soul. Our escape from the mundane reality that is called Monday through Friday.

That if you’re lucky enough to have a normal job with weekends off. Otherwise Friday ain’t nothing but an even more depressing version of Mondays.

I mean, sure, there are tons of parking spots available, and on our days off we can go to all our favorite places and not feel suffocated by people. But working on weekends deprives you from the jumping into the TGIF bandwagon and instead forces you to set an alarm for an early Saturday morning.

Oh God, that should be illegal…

While your friends are till on bed and you’re sitting on an empty office, click through our photo gallery above to see 10 tweets that perfectly capture the excruciating pain of working on the weekends. “Have a nice weekend”? OH, GO AWAY.


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