12 Tweets That Will Only Make You Even More Excited About Shark Week

Sorry, Christmas. Shark Week is, in fact, the most wonderful time of the year.

You’re going to need a bigger TV… because it’s Shark Week! It’s Discovery Channel’s holy grail of all that is epic and magnificent about those sea lurking predator, oh, and the occasional celebrity guests thrown into the ocean on a cage—but we’ll get into that later…

And though most of us certainly misses when it was full of science instead of celebs no one want to see, there’s something truly irresistible about Shark Week that keeps us wanting more. Maybe it is because it gives us something to talk to people about, perhaps because it is the only time of the year when you happily embrace your inner nerd, or simply because, you know, cool teeth.

In honor of TV’s greatest nature marathons, here are a few tweets that will only make you more excited about Shark Week.


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