13 Hilarious 4th Of July Tweets To Get Your Through This Year’s Obnoxious Family Barbeque

The 4th of July, arguably the biggest holiday in the United States, is all about patriotism, fireworks and the occasional hot dog—not to mention the celebration of an event of massive historical significance for the country. What’s not to love?

However, the “Amurican” pride holiday is not for everyone. Fireworks are too loud, grilling out is so overdone, flag apparel is everywhere and, of course, American hypocrisy reaches uncharted territory.

Whether you love or hate to celebrated the anniversary of this country ridding itself of British rule, we’re sure you’ll find these 13 tweets about 4th of July that you’ll find absolutely hilarious. Click through our photo gallery above before heading up to your obnoxious family barbeque.


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