13 Times J.K. Rowling Was Totally Fierce On Twitter

They see her Rowling, they haitin…

J.K. Rowling is not only good at writing fantasy novels about magical worlds that turn out to be one of the biggest movie franchises of all times, but also at typing epic Twitter comebacks that put ignorant muggles trolls in their damn place.

Jo is just as good with a QWERTY keyboard, and she’s proved it time after time, eviscerating trolls, standing up for those in need, feeding our Harry Potter nostalgia, and making us cackle with delight at her self-deprecating wit, one iconic tweet at a time.

In celebrating of Rowling’s birthday, here are 13 tweets that prove she’s the queen of Twitter comebacks (sorry, Chrissy. You’re still the queen of Twitter comedy, though.) Not how you’d expect a 53-year-old to act on Twitter, but hey, that’s why she’s J.K. Rowling!


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