14 Tweets You’ll Find Highly Relatable If You Too Have An Addiction For Fried Chicken

Why do people like fried chicken, you ask? The real question is what’s not to like about this juicy, flavorful, crispy delight.

Its no coincidence that just two days after honoring the birth of our country, we come together to celebrate an American food classic. And though every region and family across the map has their own recipe, it all comes down to a tender chicken leg, wing or breast covered in a tasteful batter. So, when you think about it, fried chicken has not only fed millions of hungry American throughout the years, but it as also unified us as a country.

Sure, fried chicken is not the most sophisticated dish by all means, but it’s just one of those things—like watching cats on the internet, I guess— that fulfills our desires, giving us a sense of satisfactions. Fried chicken simply makes us feel better.

And before you even try to down talk fried chicken by telling me it isn’t a healthy meal, I’m going to go ahead and say that at least it is healthier than being hungry. So there’s also that.

In honor of Fried Chicken, one of the greatest comfort food ever, here are 14 tweets you’ll find highly relatable if you too think even bad fried chicken is still pretty good fried chicken.


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