15 Tweets About The Trouble Of Taking Your Kids To The Pool

Visiting the pool is all about flip flops, bathing suits and chlorine—that if you’re kid-less. Otherwise it’s just constant trips to the bathroom, “watch this” after “watch this”, adjusting googles non-stop, and, of course, the occasional near-dead drowning experience.

Anyone who has kids knows the pool sucks. The effort required by a parent to get to the pool—and even worse, get your kids out of it—is not in any way, shape, or form equivalent to the pleasure received from being at the pool.

Today, in honor of National Swimming Pool Day, while all the good moms are breathlessly anticipating some fun at the pool, we’re going to go ahead and pretend like the community pool is still not open for business and instead read these 15 tweets about the trouble of taking the kids to the pool to remind us of what not to do this summertime. Enjoy!


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