20 Tweets That Prove Almighty Jaden Smith Is The Source Of All Wisdom

With Kanye West’s epic return to to social media one would think that Twitter has already gotten used to the pseudo-philosophical celebrity bullcrap floating around the internet. But Jaden Smith has taken the whole enlightening insights to a new level.

The 20-year-old rapper consistently delivers the capital-T Truth with small pieces of his unique wisdom—which haters love to label as nonsense— that can only be understood by Greek philosophers, stoners, and Jaden himself.

Now, we’re going to cut him some slack by saying that being a teenaged is weird. One look through my MySpace circa 2006 and you’ll see the same boloney—only with the small difference that my deep-thinking garbage was never even slightly close to reaching 7.83 million people.

Will Smith must be so proud…

In honor of his birthday, here are 10 mystical tweets from the modern-day Confucius, the Kanye West of the next generation, the source of all wisdom, the almighty Jaden Smith.


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