Cher’s “Hi Again” Tweet Becomes The Most Relatable Meme Of 2018

Cher is legendary for many reasons. Her music, her acting, her ever-changing looks, her iconic romance with Sonny… And now we can add her often-weird tweets to the list—even when it is a simple two-word sentiment.

“Hi again,” the 72-year-old star recently tweeted. And though Cher doesn’t get it, her message is the perfect meme because, well, the internet will take any chance they got to feel somehow related to the Queen of everything.

And, in fact, when you think about it, Cher’s tweet really is appropriate for every situation, like the pains of 2018 group chats or looking in the fridge hoping something to eat will magically appear.

Click through to see see the sea of jokes that Cher’s “Hi again” tweet unleashed in our photo gallery above. Because Twitter knows there’s no fun in responding with a good old-fashion “Hello”.


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