The First Aquaman Poster Is Here And Twitter Thinks It Looks A Little Too… Fishy

Ahead of its Saturday San Diego Comic-Con trailer debut, Warner Bros. released the first Aquaman movie poster Monday, and it was everything we expected—but not necessarily in a good way.

The extremely predictable poster sees Jason Momoa’s aquatic superhero rocking a pair of leather pants, no shirt (surprise, surprise), submerged deep in the ocean surrounded by numerous Getty Images’ stock photos of sharks, turtles, whales, and other sea life.

And though, to be fair, when you’re summoning sea creatures to kick ass, orcas and sharks are pretty good choices, that didn’t stop people on Twitter from bashing the Atlantean king and his fishy friends.

From fans screaming “shell yeah” to people drowning every last bit of hope about the upcoming DC movie, swim through our photo gallery above to see the reactions to the Finding Nemo 3 Aquaman poster, ranging from hilarious, disappointment and excited. As for us, we’re just grateful Jason Momoa is still allergic to shirts.


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