George Clooney Was In A Scooter Accident And Twitter Is Thankful His Face Didn’t Get Hurt

Yesterday morning the world woke up to the terrible news that George Clooney was involved in a fatal car accident in Italy. Okay, okay, a motorcycle crash. Sorry— a scooter. And he wasn’t badly injured. He just got a boo boo on his knee.

And though, luckily, Amal Clooney’s trophy husband left without any serious injuries, Clooney did get dangerously close to potentially permanently damaging his perfect face—a.k.a. one of the seven wonders of the entertainment world—and that was more than enough to send Twitter into a frenzy.

Click through our photo gallery above to see the funniest reactions to George Clooney not-at-all dramatic car incident. Not quite the way we envisioned him returning to ER, but we’ll take it.


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