Happy Birthday Matt LeBlanc! 12 Best Joey Moments On “Friends”

Though we all know Friends is the absolute best comedy series in the history of TV, the show could sometimes turn a little too real—like when Ross begged Rachel for forgiveness, when Phoebe had to say goodbye to her brother’s triplets, or that heartbreaking episode when Monica and Chandler learned they couldn’t have children.

But regardless of the those occasionally sad moments on Friends that still make you cry to this day, we could always count on that lovingly clueless comment or signature catchphrase of the goofiest member of the gang to lighten up the situation.

That’s right! This is for you, Joey Tribbiani. And more specifically, this is for Matt LeBlanc, the man behind “how you doing?” who is celebrating his 51st birthday. Yep, seems like that deal with God didn’t quite work out the way you wanted, Joe!

In honor of Matt’s special day, here’s a round up of our favorite Joey moments that will make you laugh until you pee and make your heart melt with love. Say what you want, but no one is better, funnier, or hotter than Joey Tribbiani—and here are 12 scenes from Friends to prove it.


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