“Rugrats” Is Officially Coming Back And Twitter Isn’t Ready To Have Its Childhood Ruined

In yet another potentially disastrous revival of a cherished show that nobody asked for, Nickelodeon is officially bringing back its iconic 90’s hit cartoon Rugrats with 26 brand new episodes and a live action film with yet no word on its release date.

And though we all love the Rugrats with every fiber of our millennial beings (except for you, Dil Pickles—you were a mistake), not only are we tired of networks rebooting our childhood classics instead of simply rerunning the original episodes, but also a live-action film of creepy-looking babies sound like a movie born straight from my darkest hellish nightmares.

With some people excited to catch up the dumb babies’ gang and others feeling apprehensive about the reboot, here are some of the best and funniest reactions to the news of the upcoming Rugrats revival.


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