What Having A Crazy Girlfriend Really Is Like Explained In 12 Tweets

Having a girlfriend is freaking amazing. You never feel alone, she motivates you to better yourself, you’re way happier, and you finally start understanding the most complex creature on planet Earth.

But as good as it is being on a relationship, having a girlfriend, nay, a crazy girlfriend also has its downsize. And as a a self-diagnosed difficult girlfriend, and judging by the tweets above, I’ve gotta assume other ladies share the same…. let’s call them, quirks.

In honor of National Girlfriend Day, let’s take a break from gushing over your significant other and instead talk about the honest to God truth about the cons of having a girlfriend. Click through our photo gallery above to see 12 tweets about having a girlfriend that will make you go “YEP, THAT’S ACCURATE.” Because you know you have to squeeze in some humor to make your relationship work.


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