10 Of Ryan Reynolds Funny Tweets That Prove He May Not Have Been Acting In Deadpool After All

If Chrissy Teigen is the unofficial queen of Twitter, then Ryan Reynolds funny tweets have crowned him as the king of the platform.

As anyone who has seen Deadpool can attest, Ryan Reynolds knows how to deliver big laugh on the big screen. However, scripted roles aren’t the only in which Reynold’s razor-sharp comedic talent shines.

In fact, his cutting humor on social media in recent years prove that Ryan Reynolds may not have been acting in Deadpool after all. By delivering devastating burns to his fans, opening up about the messy realities of parenthood, and getting in some adorable jabs at wife Blake Lively along the way, the actor has proven his razor-sharp comedic talent has nothing to do with that red, blood stains concealing suit.

In honor of his 42nd birthday, here are 10 times Ryan Reynolds funny tweets have made us laugh until our sides hurt. Maybe this is his way of making up for the awfulness that was Green Lantern. Sorry, Ryan, we know it’s your birthday—but we’re never letting that one go.


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