Justin Bieber Shaved His Head And The Internet Can’t Beliebe It

God has answered our prayers! Justin Bieber shaved his head and we are so blessed. so moved. so grateful. We’ll never going to take it for granted.

JB is making headlines once again. Not because he was caught peeing in a bucket. Not because he got back with Selena Gomez. And certainly not because he rushed another engagement. But because Justin Bieber shaved his head… finally!

In case you hadn’t notice, Justin Bieber spent the entire summer growing out his hair. Whether he was trying to copy his wife’s exact cut, color, and style, or he was trying to pull of the homeless look, it isn’t clear. But the greasy chops weren’t a good look on Justin. So it’s totally understandable why the internet is SO happy that straight up shaved it.

I mean, it is now too late to say he’s sorry for putting us through the agony of watching him transform into a Sims character right before our eyes. But we’ll see pass through it now that he’s gone back to the buzz cut.

Click through our photo gallery above to see the best reactions to the news that Justin Bieber shaved his head. Thank you, God, for hearing the cries of countless worried Beliebers (us included).


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