Joy Williams gets real in her new release ‘What a Good Woman Does’ (listen)

Joy Williams (Photo: Sony/Courtesy)
Joy Williams (Photo: Sony/Courtesy)

It’s been over two years since indie folk duo ‘The Civil Wars’ broke up after a whirlwind ascent to the spotlight, which included Grammy-winning debut album Barton Hallow (2011), touring with Adele, and collaborating with Taylor Swift for the Hunger Games soundtrack.

For Joy Williams, who was one half of the band with creative partner John Paul White, the breakup served as a catalyst for a powerful journey of self-discovery, one that’s materialized in her new solo album VENUS.

In her own words:  “I don’t know when I started believing this, but I used to think if you’re a good woman you can’t be messy, and you can’t be mad. I’ve been learning that neither of those two things is true. This is that moment when you want to call someone up and give them a piece of your mind, but you don’t because you know that no good will come of it.”

Listen now to ‘What a Good Woman Does’ off her album ‘VENUS’ which releases June 30th:



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