Guamanian beauty Pia Mia releases her first single ‘Do It Again’ (listen)

Singer Pia Mia releases her first single (Photo: Instagram)
Singer Pia Mia releases her first single (Photo: Instagram)


Guamanian beauty Pia Mia’s first official single ‘Do It Again.’ is out!

At 18, the musician’s debut single under Interscope Records is making a big impression on the industry. Featuring Chris Brown and Tyga; it’s fun, catchy, and perfect for summer. Mia says, “The first time I heard it on the radio, I couldn’t even believe it. I was in the car with my mom driving back home, and we were on FaceTime with my dad. He’s back home in Guam, so for him to get to hear it with us for the first time was so special.”

Now with ‘Do It Again’ stuck in everyone’s head, more of her music is on the way. After working on her album for the past year, Mia is excited and anxious for the release. “I’ve recorded close to 100 songs. ‘Do It Again’ was one of the first songs I ever made, and I had a feeling about it when we recorded it. It’s stood out the whole time, so the fact that it’s doing really well makes me really happy. It’s going to be hard to choose the rest,” she says.

Have a listen:


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