Linkin Park and Chester Bennington’s Best 10 Songs

On Thursday, the voice of Chester Bennington, face of an entire generation that identified with his energy and lyrics, was extinguished forever.

Chester Bennington first appeared in a tunnel, with spikes in his hair, and a powerful voice. Bennington’s charisma and enthusiasm was just what Linkin Park needed to distinguish themselves from other great bands of the 21st century, like Oasis and Coldplay. And, thanks to Chester, they clearly did.

One Step Closer, the band’s first single from their album Hybrid Theory, introduced the world a group characterized by grungy and noisy guitars, along with rap and hip-hop influences.

Linkin Park was a one of the favorite bands of the late 90’s and the 2000’s, but it certainly was Bennington’s irreverent voice, and Mike Shinoda’s creativity what led the band to a worldwide fame.

From that moment on, Linkin Park set themselves as one of the most popular rock bands, with young mavericks from around the world captivated by their music.

These are Linkin Park and Chester Bennington’s 10 most remembered songs.


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