Birthday Special: Top Ten John Lennon Songs With The Beatles

In spite of the never-ending debate between those who say that John was a better composer than Paul and vice versa, there’s no denying that Lennon transformed The Beatles, the music industry, and—without a shadow of doubt—the history of the world.

From the moment he first sang “Love Me Do”, to the day John took the stage for what would sadly become his last public performance on April 18, 1975, that young boy from Liverpool gone music legend never ceased to amaze us with his unparalleled talent.

And even to this day, exactly 60 years since he started his music career, 15-year-olds continue to sing some of the best songs written by John Lennon, with the exact same passion their grandparents used to when they were their age.

Celebrating what would’ve been John Lennon’s 77 birthday, here’s a list of his 10 best songs with The Beatles.


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