The Best Twitter Reactions To Eminem And Beyoncé’s “Walk On Water”

After four years since the release of his last album, on Friday, Eminem broke the internet by dropping a surprise new single featuring none other than Beyoncé.

“I’MMM BACK,” wrote the legendary rapper in his hyped-up comeback tweet.

The five minutes song, titled “Walk On Water”, is an emotional ode to the flaws of the flawless, as Queen B and Slim Shady (or a shadow of what he once was) strip themselves down to brutal honesty of their humanness.

The gentle piano ballad, uncommonly quiet for Eminem, also comes off as a prelude to an Revival, as the final words seem like the beginning of another, more aggressive song, offering the possibility that the old dog could pick up a few new tricks.

Stans and Beyhive members showed up to voice their opinions on the track. Some supported the union, others took clear sides, and many thanked the duo for diverting attention from Swift on her (now overshadowed) release day.

Ahead, read some of the best Twitter reactions to Eminem and Beyoncé’s “Walk on Water”.


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