Meet Joy Villa, The Girl Underneath The Antiabortion Dress

If you know anything about Joy Villa, it probably is that she’s the girl who has dubbed some of the absolute most unusual and outrageous dresses on the Grammy’s red carpet of the past four years.

Last year, the self-called Princess begged for attention by wearing a red, white and blue “Make America Great Again” gown with the name “Trump” bedazzled on the back of the dress. For real. This year, Villa walked the red carpet in a white dress with a multicolored fetus hand-painted on the side, carrying a “Choose Life” purse, once again, making a clear statement about her controversial political views.

But other than her 15 minutes of viral fame that cemented her spot in the Worst Dressed In Red Carpets History Hall of Fame, what else do you actually know about Joy Villa? We’re guessing probably not much, because Joy Villa has chosen to end her career before anyone even knew who she was.

But just in case you’re feeling curious—or if you’ve got nothing better to do with your time—here are 18 things to know about Joy Villa, the girl underneath the antiabortion dress.


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