Taylor Swift Parties With Ed Sheeran In New “End Game” Music Video And Twitter Is Understandably Losing Its Collective Mind

Taylor Swift’s music video for End Game has hit the internet and we all agree on one thing: it is just blandly cool.

While you were sleeping (unless you’re a hardcore Swiftie, of course), the video for End Game, Taylor Swift’s collab with long-time friend, dropped. And it is everything we expected.

From modern fairytale Sweeran romance to a lot of snake references, the End Game music video immediately began trending on social media and is less of 24 hours it’s safe to say it’s already broken then internet—as usual.

Whether it is because the video is much less (or at least more subtly) aggressive than … Ready For It? or Look What You Made Me Do, or because it reminds us because it reminds us of a fun pre-Reputation Taylor, fans are absolutely loving the new clip!

Maybe the old Taylor isn’t dead after all! Check out some of the best reactions to the End Game music video in our photo gallery above.


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