Twitter Thinks Camila Cabello Looks Like A Burrito, A Ketchup Bottle, And Elmo In Her New Music Video “Never Be The Same”

Camila Cabello released a sultry music video for “Never Be The Same” over the weekend, and though it only comes to further propel Camila’s already meteoric success, fans wasted no time pointing out that one of her futuristic outfits in the video looks shall we say… interesting.

Fans of the former Fifth Harmony took to Twitter to savagely play “spot the difference” with Camila’s oversized shiny red dress. And we got to say, the comparisons are pretty hilarious and surprisingly creative.

From ketchup bottles to fruit roll ups, Camila was compared to every red item in the menu! I mean—there’s no denying she looks like one hot snack, but quite too literally for our particular taste.

Click through our photo gallery above to see the best memes of the weekend, courtesy of the photoshop battle over Camila Cabello’s part gown, part lobster costume!


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