The Case For McCartney: 10 Reasons Paul Was The Best Beatle

Let’s settle this argument once and for all. Paul McCartney was the absolute best Beatle.

George Harrison was the spiritual one. Ringo Starr brought the humor. And John Lennon was certainly the second most talented musician in the band. But Paul McCartney is, and always will be, the best member of The Beatles.

Yes, he is guilty of the double piece sign and the cringe-worthy mustached-Beatles era. But we also have Paul McCartney to thank for well more than a handful of the most iconic songs in the history of music, and, in basically, for the existence of The Beatles as we know them.

Now, let us start by saying that this list doesn’t aim to disgrace his fellow bandmates. There’s no denying John, George, and Ringo’s talent. But it only just goes to show that, even among the greatest, Paul McCartney still was the boss. Celebrating his 76th birthday, here are 10 undisputable reasons why Paul McCartney is the utter best Beatle.


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