Kanye West’s New Album Cover Has Sent Twitter Into A Frenzy

Kanye has done it again.

As promised, Kanye has debuted his eighth studio album, simply titled Ye. After unveiling the new material in a star studded listening party for the ages in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where the long-awaited LP was recorded, Ye is now available on all streaming services.

However, although Kanye’s first solo album in two years is, what experts have called, “a candid tour of a troubled mind,” and addresses controversial topics such as Tristan Thompson’s cheating scandal, Kim Kardashian leaving him, and bipolar disorder, what has really caught Twitter’s attention is the album’s cover.

According to Kim Kardashian, Kanye West himself shot his Ye album. With and iPhone. En route to his listening party. Not only that but he also doodled “I hate being bi-polar its awesome,” (yes, hyphenated and without an apostrophe) in green letters. And if this doesn’t make him the reining king of procrastination, we don’t know what else will!

Kanye, you should’ve seen the memes coming. Check out the best reactions to Yeezy’s new artsy fartsy album cover in our photo gallery above.


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