10 Reasons Why Beyoncé Is The Queen Of Music And Absolutely Everything Else

Reason #1: Because she is.

Some of you may think that Beyoncé is “overhyped” (c’mon—you’re just being hateful) and that she isn’t as great as people make her out to be. But she really is.

Bey is not only one of the most legendary artists of all time, she’s also good at basically everything and anything she does. Because Mrs. Carter is simply one of those people that just has automatic “cool” factor. From her music to her fashion to her charitable work to her person life, Beyoncé has definitely earned her title of Queen B.

Day and night, Beyoncé proves how much of a queen she truly is. And here are 10 facts to prove exactly why she’s winning reigning in life. In honor of her 37th birthday—why this still isn’t a worldwide holiday is beyond me—here are 10 reasons why Beyoncé is so amazing and arguably the queen of absolutely everything.

SPOILER ALERT: You’ll end up concluding that God spent some good extra time creating Beyoncé and neglected you for some reason. But don’t worry—you’ll still be ok with that. In fact, you’ll be grateful.


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