One Direction And 5 Other Bands Who Refuse To Get Back Together

Remember earlier this year when Liam Payne spilled the tea on a possible One Direction reunion and the internet lost its collective mind? Well, you can kiss that dream goodbye. Because after Zayn Malik recent comments bashing his former bandmates, One Direction getting back together has never been more unlikely.

“Harry feels bad over Zayn’s words about how things fell apart between them and is disappointed about it all, but they were never really close friends, so his recent words do not come s as a big shock to him,” a source close to Harry told HollywoodLife.

The insider added, “Harry is super grateful for everything One Direction has done to change his life and he has always been open to getting the guys back together one day, but after hearing about Zayn’s latest interview, he has serious doubts that would ever happen.”

So, it’s been exactly 1,058 days since Harry, Niall, Liam and Louis decided to go on an indefinite hiatus. And it looks like it’ll be 1,058 before they get back together (without Zayn, for obvious reasons).

Yeah, we know it hurts. But do not worry, One Directions. You’ll live, just as the fans of this other 5 bands who refuse to reunite.

From One Direction’s highly improbable reunion to Noel and Liam’s interminable feud, here are 6 bands who we’ll probably never see getting back together. We can always hope… but we all no a One Direction reunion is never happening.


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