Beyoncé Performed At An Indian Wedding And Fans Are Going APESH*T

Forget about royal weddings! Beyoncé performed at an Indian wedding and that’s the new standard for lavish nuptials.

Isha Ambani, the daughter of Indian’s wealthiest man, and businessman Ananda Piramal spared no expenses to make their wedding an unforgettable moment for their guests and, well, the rest of the world. Though the pair won’t be officially wed until a Wednesday ceremony at the bride’s family residence in Mumbai, celebrations kicked off over thee weekend with Beyoncé treating them to an intimate private concert.

That’s right. Beyoncé performed at a “pre-wedding” event. And there’s a power move if you’ve ever seen one.

Understandably, the Beyhive went apesh*t after learning that their Queen agreed to sing iconic songs such as Crazy in Love and Perfect for the grotesque amount of $2 million—which is probably Isha’s pocket change given that her father is worth $42 billion.

So what did Twitter think of the fact that Beyoncé performed at an Indian wedding? Let’s find out in the photo gallery above.


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