Angelina Jolie chats about ‘Unbroken’ and her new best friend (watch the trailer)


The Today Show with Angelina Jolie (Photo: Twitter)
The Today Show with Angelina Jolie (Photo: Twitter)

Angelina Jolie’s directorial debut would give her more than just directing credits, it would give her a best friend!

Unbroken, the story of how an Olympian became a World War II hero, was more than just a job for the actress, it was a passion project. The actress appeared on Today to discuss her forthcoming movie, but really talked about the “spectacular” life of Louis Zamperini, whom the film is about.

Jolie told Tom Brokaw “He’s a great man, a true hero and an inspiration, he’s also our friend, and we are fortunate to be in a position to bring his message to the world and his story to the world, but it is his legacy. It’s our responsibility to get it right because he deserves it, so we’re a little nervous but we’re excited for more people to know of his story.”

Oddly, it turns out Zamperini was her neighbor! She tells Today‘s Savannah Guthrie that because she became so close to the 97-year-old and was able to show him a partial screening of the movie before he passed.

“It was a very profound and very moving moment, he took care of me and made me feel ok about his passing, so that’s who Louis was.”

“There’s also a message that’s relatable today to everybody, which is the strength of the human spirit and how to overcome obstacles,” We feel that’s a beautiful message to bring to everybody around Christmas time.”

Jolie and Louis Zamperini (Photo: GettyImage)
Jolie and Louis Zamperini (Photo: GettyImage)

Watch trailer here!



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