Russell Brand loses it AGAIN!

Russell Brand argues with Channel 4 Interviewer Paraic O'Brien (Photo: YouTube/Reproduction)
Russell Brand argues with Channel 4 Interviewer Paraic O’Brien (Photo: YouTube/Reproduction)

Russell Brand lost his temper this morning in east London after he was asked how much he pays to rent in his bachelor pad in London, which is believed to be a £5,000 (which is the equivalent to about $7800 US dollars).

The comedian, 39, joined hundreds of tenants from the New Era Estate in east London as they marched on Downing Street because they have been threatened with eviction.

Brand, called a journalist a ‘snide’ because he asked the value of his home and how much he pays in rent. Brand says “I’m not talking to you about my rent mate, I’m here to support a very important campaign?”

The star has been calling for an anti-capitalist revolution in a series of video blogs.

Brand sold his Hampstead town house in 2010 for £2.3million and then bought a £4million mansion with then wife Katy Perry, before buying a £1.4million home in the Hollywood Hills when they divorced in 2012.

His current London home is down the road from the affordable housing estate he is supporting.



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