Kevin Hart won’t play gay, and he’s just not that funny!

Kevin Hart (Photo: NBC)
Kevin Hart (Photo: NBC)

Despite the moderate success of films like The Wedding Ringer and Ride Along, it’s been quoted in multiple tabloids that he always feels like the comic relief in someone else’s project and that perhaps, he’s just not that funny!

Hart’s new comedy The Wedding Ringer is set to take in close to $30 million in its opening weekend. That’s two strong January showings in a row for Hart, who had an even bigger hit last year with the buddy cop flick Ride Along. But are his movies funny? Ringer features Hart doing his typical shtick, motor-mouthed jive that feels forced and raunchy jokes masquerading as edgy.

Hart recently dismissed the Sony email controversy as “not that serious,” but it’s clear that those making the decisions have a certain view of who he is as a person and as an actor.

When it comes to Hart, he’s acknowledged that there’s certain things he won’t do in a film.  Speaking during the press-junkets for The Wedding Ringer, Hart made it clear where he draws the line: he’s not willing to play a gay character.

I’m at a point where I want to take a chance, this role made sense, the story made sense, I may do it. You don’t know what tomorrow holds. Once again, if I get to the point where I want to challenge myself in the business, and I’m all about the art, who knows if that’s the right artsy piece that can get Kevin Hart an Oscar and show a different acting talent? But right now, it’s not on the drawing board.

Who really wants to see Hart play gay anyway?!


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