BAM! Sheikh tells Lebanese female host to “shut up” on live TV (watch her priceless reply)

Lebanese TV host Rima Karaki (Photo: youtube)
Lebanese TV host Rima Karaki (Photo: youtube)

Ok this is BRILLIANT!

A television host in Lebanon got the last word while interviewing an outspoken guest. When Rima Karaki from the news station Al Jadeed spoke to London-based Sheikh Hani Al Sibai, the discussion was meant to cover reports that Christians are joining IS. Al Sibai appears to be avoiding the question at first, instead giving a long history lesson on the matter.

Then a frustrated Karaki asks Al Sibai to stick to the discussion topic, reminding him of their time constraints: “For your own benefit, I’m telling you that we are running out of time.” Al Sibai shoots back, “Are you done? Shut up so I can talk.”

After the “shut up” heard round the world, Karaki decides the interview is over, saying, “How can a respected sheikh like yourself tell a TV host to shut up?” The sheikh responds, “It’s beneath me to be interviewed by you. You are a woman who …” Not wanting to hear how that sentence would end, Karaki takes back control of her show by saying, “Either there is mutual respect, or the conversation is over.”

The video of the interview was posted to’ YouTube’, where it has been viewed more than 2.8 million times. Karaki is also getting support from social media with tweets calling her “courageous” and a “boss.”

Did he not hear of ‘International Women’s Day?!”


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