Frat boys create $400 MILLION business in 365 days…Yik Yak!


Last March, an app called ‘Yik Yak’ took over Woodward Academy in Atlanta. Students learned about it during first period. By lunchtime, the school made an announcement: “Anyone caught with Yik Yak on their phones would receive automatic detention.” The reason? Too many students were using the app to bully their peers anonymously. However, new rules have been implemented (see new rules).

Founders, Tyler Droll and Stephen ‘Brooks’ Buffington said, “students liked the app because it let users speak freely without social status tainting their posts.”

The startup’s success has been meteoric. ‘Yik Yak’ is only a year and a half old, but 1,600 college campuses use it.  Just a few months after launching ‘Yik Yak’ had been downloaded over 100,000 times. Today it has millions of monthly active users.

The pair are refreshingly “un-Silicon Valley’; none of their friends work in tech. Droll, the more technical of the two, didn’t start writing code until college. They share a three-bedroom apartment that’s a 10-minute walk from their office with another college friend. They keep a marker by their bathroom mirror so they can swap ideas for ‘Yik Yak’ while they brush their teeth.

As all fairy tales go there has to be a villain; Droll and Buffington are being sued by a former fraternity brother who claims he owns a third of the app.

Hmmmm, does this story sound familar #FB



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