Kate Upton disses Social Media, yet she posted a pic of her lunch!

Kate Upton from where else, Instagram) (Photo: Instagram
Kate Upton from where else, Instagram (Photo: Instagram)

In an interview model/actress Kate Upton admitted she’s no longer a fan of social media.

Upton said in her just released interview for ‘Net-A-Porter’… ”I feel like social media at this point is kind of bull—-. At the beginning it was amazing and a lot of fun. It was like, ‘Cool, I can talk to my fans!’ And now I think that we’re losing the art of it… Now it’s about who has the best marketing, not who has a really good personality.”

This is an odd thing to say for someone who has close to 2 million followers. And even more odd, she posted just today a photo of her cover shoot and then felt the world needed to know what she ate for lunch.  Best not to bite the hand that feeds you Kate.

Kate Upton's lunch on Social Media (Photo: Instagram)
Kate Upton’s lunch on Social Media (Photo: Instagram)





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