Eddie Redmayne set to play in the next J.K. Rowling ‘Harry Potter’ Spin-off…

Eddie Redmayne to play Newt Scamander (Photo: Getty)
Eddie Redmayne to play Newt Scamander (Photo: Getty)

Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne has is eye on Harry, Harry Potter that is!

This should make author J.K. Rowling very happy! Redmayne is said to be the “first choice” for the lead role in Rowling’s latest big-screen adaptation, according to THR. Redmayne would play Newton Artemis Fido Scamander in ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’, a Harry Potter spin-off that takes place 70 years before the Potter series began.

Rowling is writing the script for the David Yates-helmed film, but the screenplay is still in progress. Redmayne has yet to see a final version of the script and will not confirm the role until that happens. Write faster J.K.

‘Fantastic Beast’s’ follows Scamander as he sets to work on a guide to mythical beasts, work that triggers a series of adventures. The Warner Bros. project is planned to be a trilogy, which would be a major commitment for Redmayne.

After ‘The Theory of Everything’ this should be a piece of cake!


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